BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) — About 90 percent of young people showed the willingness to teach their parents to use electronic products in a survey recently conducted by the China Youth Daily.

Among the 2,006 respondents, only 28.8 percent said their parents are skilled gadget users, and 2.7 percent admitted that their parents cannot use such devices at all.

“Sometimes I make a screen recording using my phone or make video calls for remote guidance,” said Zhao Xin (pseudonym), a college student. She often teaches her parents how to use smartphone applications online.

The surveyed youths said their parents usually use smartphones most, followed by laptops or computers and smart appliances.

China has more than 96 million internet users aged above 60, accounting for about 10 percent of the country’s total, according to a report by China Internet Network Information Center.

Nearly 80 percent of the surveyed youths hailed electronics for helping their parents build social connections, and about 70 percent said such devices bring more convenience to their daily lives.

However, 97.6 percent of the respondents expect electronic products to be more user-friendly to the elderly.

“Some smart devices are initially designed to improve efficiency and may not be easy for the elderly people to use,” said an undergraduate named Liu Fang (pseudonym).

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