Rabat – Morocco’s authorities decided to suspend in-person classes at the Lycee Descartes high school in Rabat due to COVID-19 concerns.

The high school published a press release on November 2 announcing the information, saying that authorities decided to shut down the school’s face-to-face lessons for its failure to respect social distancing amid the health crisis.

The school said that during school holidays, “everything was done to further strengthen compliance with the health protocol that was communicated to you [parents and students]” at the start of classes.

The statement added that the school’s team has started to equip desks with plexiglass shielding to offer more protection to the pupils.

The suspension of in-person classes at Lycee Descartes will continue until further notice, presumably with the approval of Morocco’s authorities. 

In September, the school also closed its doors after employees tested positive for COVID-19.

Morocco adopted this year a remote education program due to the spread of the pandemic. However, Morocco’s education ministry is giving parents the opportunity to choose between in-person and remote classes for their students.

Many education establishments are now hosting pupils again as thousands of parents selected face-to-face classes.

However, Morocco’s government has acknowledged that the country’s COVID-19 situation is worrying, with a rapid spread of the pandemic.

As of November 2, Morocco reported 225,070 COVID-19 cases, including 187,101 recoveries and 3,826 deaths.

The number of active cases remains high, standing at 34,143.

The Ministry Health continues to caution citizens, calling on them to respect all of the prescribed measures to protect themselves and those in their environment.

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The ministry continues to urge citizens and residents who go out in public to wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and avoid crowds through maintaining social distancing.

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