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How To Recover, Reclaim Your Lost Shares from The Stock Market


Do you know you can recover and reclaim your lost share?

Just do this simple steps to check whether you have any unclaimed dividend warrant or not and try claim your unclaimed dividend(s), before Nigeria government will be the one managing your money through NDIC for you, you know what that means.

I learnt the deadline for unclaimed dividend which is running into billions is to be transferred from the banks to NDIC for govt management effective from augment

Things to do

Step 1
Go to Security and Exchange Commission official website


Step 2
Go to the search bar, type in the name you use to buy the share with and click search. If you have unclaimed dividend it will show, if all your shares are mandated I mean you have already fill your e-dividend form and the registrar have effected it, meaning your dividend are now paid directly to your bank account, in that case your name will not appear.

Step 3
Now, if your name appears there, just check the affected stock, find out the registrar, reach out to them, fill the e-divident warrant form with an attached 1 copy of your passport, a valid means of identification and submit, ensure they effect the registration on or before 28th February so your money can be transferred to your bank account asap

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