their fallen ‘heroes’ and ‘martyrs’ killed by security operatives in Zaria in 2015 by the Nigerian military.
The sect said they would never give up the struggle in demanding justice for the victims and exercising their right to practise their religion.
The event was marked soberly with portrait photographs of the victims including three children of the leader of the movement, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, on display. 
Speaking at the event, the Patron of the Academic Forum of the movement, Prof. Isah Mshelgaru said irrespective of the killings, harassment and intimidation by the Nigerian government and security agencies, the movement would not be forced into silence. 
“It is a day to remember these our heroes and also tell the world that these people that have sacrificed their lives, there are still some other people that are ready to make similar sacrifices until the aims of those people who sacrificed their lives are achieved,” he said. 
He lamented the illegal detention of many Shi’ites by security agencies across the country since 2015, adding that the movement would do everything legally possible to ensure their release.
He also added that the sect would sustain the procession and protest against the continued seizure of the passports of their leader, El-Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat
by the Nigerian government which has prevented the couple from travelling out of the country for medical treatment.
“When Sheik and his wife were detained, we protested for over six years and most of the time on a daily basis. We didn’t get tired even when the government was saying we would be tired and abandon the struggle.
“The issue of fighting for our rights is a continuous process and there is no way we will abandon our rights. We will continue to pursue our rights using all legal means until we get our rights. So the protest and all other things will continue,” he added. 
Another scholar of the forum, Ahamad Shuaib said the aim of the Nigerian government not to release the passport of their leader was to eliminate him.
“Why will they seize his passport? Seizing his passport, they mean bad for Sheik. Since he has bullets in his body system and bullets emit lead poison and lead is very poisonous. It is the only miracle that has made Sheik to survive till this time. 
“He has stroke twice while in detention without proper care. His wife is suffering from a knee problem and other complications.”
He explained that the event was also done in solidarity with the people of Palestine, saying they are being terrorised by the Israeli government with support from the USA.
IMN added that the international community has turned a blind eye to the increasingly transparent reality on the ground for too long.

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