SaharaReporters had last week reported an alleged move by Mrs Lola Akande, the Lagos State Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperative, in collaboration with Oba Kamarudeen Animashaun, the Oloja of Epe; one Oba Ganiyu Olusegun Awokoya, aka Alhaji White, the Onirete of Irete in Ogun State, to convert the Abomiti, Yeguda and Eyin-Osa resettlement land for kickbacks.
The chairmen and trustee members of Free Trade Zone Parcel B Resettlement Communities, Chief Obafemi Onayemi Obajimi (Baale Onigbagbo and other family representatives of Abomiti, Eyin-Osa, Yeguda-Parapo, the displaced communities for Parcel B and Alaro City Projects) in a letter asked Ogunlesi to stop parading himself as their lawyer.
“We the undersigned are representatives of our communities within the Parcel B of the Resettlement in Abomiti, Eyin-Osa and Yeguda (Parapo) communities and we write this in our representative capacity for ourselves and on behalf of the said Parapo communities within Abomiti, Yeguda and Eyin Osa Zone,” the letter read.
“It came to our notice via a letter dated the 19th day of July 2022 written to us through the office of the Permanent Secretary to the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative (letter is hereby attached for emphasis) that you have been referred to as our communities lawyer, particularly in the 2nd paragraph of the said letter which is not only ridiculous but indeed laughable.
“You are a lawyer to the Surveyor Awokoya and Oloja of Epe and those communities that choose to be with them or (you are ) consultant to Mrs Lola Akande because we are not going to recognise you without the Lagos State official letter confirming Olusegun Awokoya as the State Government consultant base on your assertion that “Surveyor Awokoya” should be addressed as consultant because we did not actually engage Awokoya as consultant to our communities.
“We are sure that not until recent litigation, you may not also know that Awokoya is not actually licensed and to your understanding that he has been presenting forged or backdated survey to some of the communities.
“We wish to reiterate without mincing words that we DID NOT AND NEVER WOULD engage and or retain your services and that of your Law firm as our legal representatives for the purpose of this matter at hand because we know you to be Awokoya and Oloja of Epe’s lawyer and we actually do not want to experience what Lekki Coaster and Epe Lagoon resettlement is facing for years in which the government has to suspend all the activities there because of Awokoya’s greed and conversion of all the land for personal sales.
“We humbly attach, series of letters showing our individual communities dealing with Land Bureau through our Lawyers during enumeration exercise and by that, mean those are the Lawyers engaged by the individual communities with proper instruction letters. The Ministry of Commerce also mentioned Communities’ representatives, probably she want to mention the Oloja and Awokoya conniving with Lola Akande Kangaroo Committee for the 3 Zones, your real clients should at least put you in known that 80% of those who you people registered as trustees for the 3 zones are not actually from the zones, they are mere front for Oloja and whoever within the civil servants the Quack Surveyor White is claiming to be holding our land for in trust.
“Regretfully as a respected Lawyer with integrity that all our communities would have appreciated to be our counsel but you being a lawyer to Awokoya (The Onirete), let it be known to your firm sir, that we have long retained the services of Ibile Partners who have been acting on our behalf in the light of the above and equally copied in this letter and we desire that further deliberations/correspondences should go through them and no other.
“The above is for the general public and to whom it may concern to take note forthwith. Should you have objections to this state of things, we would like to see any evidence (though we know for certain that you have none) that you may possess in proof that your services are currently retained by individuals communities or any of Abomiti, Yeguda and Eyin-Osa (Parapo) members and note that whatever instruction from Oba Animashaun and Surveyor Awokoya Trustee on CAC which we are closer to ask a court of law to determine, dissolve and compel the State Government to accept part of the real community beneficiaries representatives as trustee on CAC.


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