The existing order was necessitated by the decision of the state government to a concession no less than 40,000 hectares of their land to some few private individuals, including officials of the sitting government.

It was found out that the concessions were prosecuted to service an allegedly obtained loan by the Ondo State government from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The attendant destruction of properties worth billions (without compensation) pushed the local farmers to seek reprieve with the Owa of Idanre and the paramount ruler of the kingdom.

They were forced to troop out in protests after the unsuccessful attempts, dialogues initiated to plead with Governor Akeredolu or even bring him to the consciousness of what might result from such a decision.

One of the protesters, Akinwole Solomon, said, “The farmland actually belongs to Idanre. It isn’t the land of the government. Our forefathers handed over the land to the British as at then. Nobody enters into the government’s land anyhow. We have entered the forests since 1988, farming. Some came in the year 1989. We accommodated non-indigenes and have been there since then.”


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