“My friends and I, three of us, were going to Akala Road because a friend of mine got married on Saturday. We were making arrangements to return most of the instruments and the rented equipment we used to various destinations. In the process of doing this, there was huge traffic congestion along Olusoji and Akala Road. There was a big truck on the road that got faulty, hence the traffic,” Ige said.

“People were creating space while others drove ahead. They would give space and those who could drive would drive. It was a usual traffic issue that would stop drivers and cars on the road. We got to the place where we were to manoeuvre around the faulty truck in order to get to the main road in Akala.

“On getting to that point, we saw a car that was not ready to give us a sign as we approached. We told the driver of the car to give us a chance to go so that he could have some space to move on as well. But he ignored us.”

The friends turned off their car engine because of the gridlock caused by the other car. They considered it a normal disagreement that happened on the road. At some point, they considered leaving the car on the road to return later but ditched the idea.


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