The former governor who said this in an exclusive interview with Sunday PUNCH, described Wike as currently surrounded by ranting and raving people who are trying to cry more than the bereaved, ‘whereas they cannot take him around Nigeria and support him to win the election’.
He asked why those who are ruling up Governor Wike could not sell him during the party’s primary elections.
Asked if Wike’s silence since the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar rejected him (Wike) from being his running mate is not suspicious, seeing that he is free to talk to the opposition parties, Lamido said, “No, no, no, he’s angry; he’s just like a boiling pot. When the pot overboils, it will spill over. And what will happen? It will mess up the body of the pot.
“Now, for those who love Wike, people like me, we should make sure we remove the log from under the pot which is the fire. When that is done, the temperature of the pot will come down first. 
“But then, people around him are the ones adding the log into the fire because, naturally, with that kind of temperature, it will spill over. But then, in doing so, he is also messing up the body of the pot. I think the problem is not about Wike; it is about those who are trying to cry more than the bereaved. 
“And for people who think that they love and like Wike more than we do, beyond these emotional things, what can they do? Can any of them, Ayo Fayose and (Samuel) Ortom, take him (Wike) around Nigeria and support him to win the election, can they? 
“Even Atiku (Abubakar) cannot win the election (alone), it has to be the Nigerian PDP members who will go and tell Nigerians that they have the best candidate, to vote for him, we have to all come on board. But when you take a personal position and you say, Mr A must do this, can those saying that sell anybody? If they can, why didn’t they sell him during the primary?”
On why it has been difficult for Atiku and the leadership of the PDP to reach and pacify Governor Wike, the ex-governor said, “There is wisdom in life. We’ve been through it. I am a former governor, so I know the psychology of serving governors because I was once one. 
“We are waiting for those who have monopolised the political space around him to finish ranting and raving. The space is now totally being occupied by those holding political positions given to them by the PDP, so it is not them talking, it is the office talking. 
“All these people talking, it’s not them, it is the office; remove the office, (and) they’ll be like Sule Lamido, a former governor. We are now saying that we will take it easy by allowing the pot to cool down and then you’ll find out that it is we who love the PDP most. And even though we have been seen against Wike, ultimately, you’ll see that it is we who love Wike.”


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