The child allegedly went missing at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries.

The cleric was said to be detained on the order of one Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, who accused Pastor Chukwu of daring to demand justice for the parents of the child who went missing in the church.

But upon the arrival of Sowore at the police department to see the detained pastor and ensure that his rights were not violated, he was denied access to the cleric by the police officers who were on duty.

The AAC presidential candidate was that he could not see the detained cleric and that it was based on “an order from above”.


The policemen were seen making phone calls, believably to their superior officers upon sighting the activist on their premises.


The activist condemned the arrest of the cleric and his subsequent detention at FCID without any charge preferred against him.

Sowore said, “We are at the FCID. We came here to check on Pastor Kassy Chukwu who was detained here. Apparently, he is being detained here on the order of another pastor.


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