The story of Legendary Nigerian Actor, Kenneth Aguba is one that came as a surprise to a lot of Nigerians. A week ago, some photos of the actor living in a poor condition were shared on the internet, and they quickly went viral. Several people started asking numerous questions because they didn’t expect a respected Actor like Kenneth Aguba to be is such a condition. His story got to Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, the founder of the OPM church, and he intervened in Kenneth Aguba’s matter.

Kenneth Aguba was then taken to Port Harcourt to meet the apostle who promised him an apartment and a good life. He got there and was given medical attention before he was taken to the apartment that was prepared for him. While on his way, he was being interviewed by a lady in the car, and the 40minutes live video was shared on OPM’s official Facebook page.

Kenneth Aguba was asked several questions about his career as an actor, and he gave answers to all the questions. However, when the video got to 11 minutes, Kenneth Aguba could be heard speaking about one of his unforgettable experiences in the movie industry. He revealed that he acted in a movie titled the “Hungry Landlord”, and he charged the producer 200 thousand naira for his role in the movie. However, after acting the movie, he was paid 200 naira and asked to go home. Kenneth Aguba stated that the producer said he was going to send the actual payment to him, but he is yet to receive any money till today. He revealed that the incident really hurt him.

By Michael Junior

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