Successful applicants will receive intensive mentorship and training by seasoned entrepreneurs in their various fields, while acquiring the necessary skills required for entrepreneurship during a two-day boot camp before receiving the grants to grow their businesses. Applicants who scale through the bootcamp phase will proceed to a pitch-fest segment where a panel of judges will appraise submitted proposals before selecting the final winners. The winners of the pitch-fest segment will receive multi-million grants at the awards ceremony which will hold in Lagos later in the year. All participants must ensure that all ideas and concepts outlined in their application forms are their original works, and participants are under no agreement or restriction that prohibits or restricts their ability to disclose or submit such ideas or concepts for the competition.

In recognition of its impact and tremendous feat, Kickstart earned an award as the Best Company in Poverty Reduction at the 2021 Sustainability, Enterprise, and Responsibility Africa Awards (SERAS CSR).

Intl Breweries opens its application portal for young entrepreneurs, targets 400 youths

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