There are numerous upcoming artists in Nigeria and other countries that are struggling with their music because they don’t have enough money to sponsor their music careers.

If you don’t have money to sponsor your music career, then you need a record label deal so that the available record label will be able to sponsor you, promote you, and do whatever it takes to make you a superstar locally and globally.

Tell your social media followers to share with their followers and loved ones.

You need to post at least five times a week on your social media handles. The major purpose of doing this is to make yourself visible on social media.

You can also post the latest entertainment gist because it drives a lot of traffic on social media.

If you don’t have enough social media followers, then you can run advertisements. So that you will be able to go viral on social media.

Improve everyday.

Regardless of your talent, you need to improve so that you will be able to level up with thesuccessful artist in the Nigerian music industry.

You can never get a record label deal if you are not good enough especially if you are aiming for a popular and successful record label in Nigeria or other countries of the world.

A lot of upcoming artists are doing exactly what you are doing at the moment. You need to improve and come out with a new style of music so that you will be special and better than them.

Direct record label contact

A lot of successful Nigerian artists get signed into a popular record label in Nigeria because they make direct contact with the record label management.

Although it may not work for some upcoming artists, you can make direct contact with any record label of your choice in Nigeria.

Tell them the reasons why you deserved to get a record label deal and other important information that they want to know about your music career.


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