Twenty-two young children, ranging in age from thirteen to seventeen years old, were killed in a horrific accident as they were celebrating at a party, and the nation is still in shock over what happened. The young people were celebrating the completion of their last exams by having a good time at a tarven in East London known as “Enyobeni.” There, they were drinking and having a good time. A day that ought to have been full with joy instead culminated in the shedding of tears when it should have been the opposite. In the early hours of the day before, it was reported that twenty-two bodies had been discovered inside the tarven. Due to the fact that there was a concert taking place on this terrace, it was clear from the footage that was being shared on various social media platforms that the area was jam-packed with people.

During this stage of the investigation, those individuals who were present at the party and managed to avoid injury are being questioned, and every single one of them has disclosed something that has left us inconsolable. Those who made it through the ordeal are of the opinion that more than one hundred individuals would have perished if it weren’t for the grace of God.

A revelation made by one of the girls who had managed to live despite having witnessed the deaths of her companions broke the hearts of many people. She explained that she is having trouble falling asleep because she was present when a young girl passed away in front of her. According to what she heard, the girl mumbled, “someone help me, I’m dying.” These words continue to pursue her, and she can’t stop picturing herself in the mirror. She is having a difficult time of it.

This girl claims that security sprayed something that had a silky strong smell, and as a result, individuals began to lose their breath and fell down. This tale caused a lot of people’s hearts to break. Because the events she saw were more significant than her age, many people are recommending that she seek the assistance of a trained professional. The young lady who related this information is just 14 years old, but her identity cannot be revealed because she is still considered to be too young. Black Media would like to express their

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