Nigerian clergyman, Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, founder and senior pastor of Word of Life Bible Church, has in a video uploaded to his official Facebook account a few hours ago, clarified why Jesus prayed until His sweat became blood and the father did not answer.

why did you think Jesus prayed until His sweat became blood but the father did not answer? He said on the cross Jesus said, “My father, my father, why have you forsaken me?”

Papa Ayo explained that God was silent all through because they already have the agreement. He disclosed that before Jesus left the heaven, he had agreed with the father that he would die and he would suffer to save the whole world from eternal death. He said Jesus agreed to it and even signed the paper.

He said when Jesus was now praying, “Father, Father, where are you,” he said the father has to be silent.

Papa Ayo stated that the father proves that he had not forsaken Jesus when at 3 pm that day, the sun was darkened to show that it pained the father but he won’t do anything. Papa Ayo said that if God had done something, we will not be here today.

Papa Ayo finally said that God will never do what he has empowered you to do but those you can’t do, that is what God will do.

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