According to the report published by Punch Newspaper; The President, Federal Capital Territory Baptist Conference, Rev. Dogara Gwana, has said that the verdict of the Supreme Court upholding the wearing of Hijab in Lagos schools is not well-received by Christians.

wearing Hijab to school is a violation of their fundamental rights to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

Many Nigerians who saw the headline on social media storm the comments section to share their opinions. Read people’s reactions on Facebook:

👉”This is terrible. What’s wrong with girls covering their hair? How is that a problem to anybody? Who complains about our reverend sisters covering themselves too? In short they are respected for their proper dressing because that’s the right mode. We have more important issues to talk about in the country. Let’s go for our PVC”

👉”How is it unfavorable to the christians? Did anyone stopped christian from putting on their attires to school? Or have they presented their case before a court seeking to add their religion regalia to the school uniform and the court has denied them? Am a christian but I don’t like it when you can’t say what you want. The bible says ask it shall be given unto you”

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