How A Pastor Died The Same Month He Raped A Lady That He Was Asked To Deliver – Apst Christian Nwoke

Apostle Christian Nwoke, the President of God’s Army Global spoke to his members about the danger of lust in a recent post on his official Facebook page that he titled “When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance.”

According to him, a lady was brought to him at a mountain in Kubwa one day. She was in the company of her husband and children. Before he prayed for her, he asked her some questions and explained the narration from her that shook him.

She said that a particular Pastor was once assigned to minister deliverance to her and while she was under the care of this Pastor he forcefully penetrated her sexually (rape) and she became afraid that she could tell it to no one. After the rape, the Pastor died the same month and his children also died mysteriously. He then said that the woman told him that in the presence of her husband and children and before she spoke up, she said her children who were present there were just hearing it for the first time as only her husband knew of it.

He then said, “Dearly beloved, to you that is a leader amongst the Called ones, if you still have not dealt with that old man called lust, it may soon deal with you unto your own very death, that is if you fail to receive God’s mercy unto right living.” He said that If you understand God’s dealings, you will know that He must have been trying to win that Pastor from the old man of lust, but the man’s refusal to yield the constitutions of his soul to divine righteousness was the cause of his tragedy.

He then explained that this tragedy saw the closure of his entire family. He said that it is not a story, it was told to him first-hand by the woman in the presence of her family as her husband also confirmed it. Beloved Christian friend, please allow God to deal with your carnal passions today so that those same inordinate passions will not end up dealing with you in eternal hell tomorrow.

Finally, he said that ain does not respect age, ecclesiastical title or pedigree. It only respects yieldedness in submission to the Blessed Holy Spirit. If God is trying to crush us into His mould today, it is because He loves us and desires to see us free from the iron fist of darkness. Don’t become like that deliverer that was in more need of spiritual deliverance than the woman that was brought to him.

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