BBN ex-Housemate, Beatrice, apologised to Liquorose for the controversial statements she uttered inside and outside the House.

Beatrice made this gesture at the Reunion Show on Friday night after Liquorose had accused her of gossipping in the House.

You would recall that Beatrice condemned Liquorose’s relationship with Emmanuel during her time in the House.

According to her, Emmanuel isn’t attracted to Liquorose’s physical appearance. Beatrice made it clear that Emmanuel loves Liquorose’s personality but doesn’t feel the same way about her physical attribute.

However, that wasn’t just the only time Beatrice meddled in Liquorose-Emmanuel dynamic. The controversial ex-Housemate had also said during one of her interviews that Liquorose isn’t “smart”.

Beatrice felt the need to apologise for her unruly statements at the Reunion Show on Friday night. Beatrice made it known that she planned to apologise to Liquorose right in front of other Housemates and the Reunion Show presented the opportunity to do just that.

She stated, “I have waited for an opportunity to apologise to you (Liquorose). In front of everyone; I want you to know I want you to know I am deeply sorry”. Right after apologising, Beatrice stood up from her seat and went directly to Liquorose to give her a tight hug.

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