The perspective of viewers and some of the housemates had about Emmanuel not reciprocating what they had and using liquorose was addressed. Emmanuel replied saying “ the truth is I actually felt something for her” but he was only been careful because of his personality. According to him “I was being careful because, being a quiet and calm person when you get to meet that one person that compliments you, you get easily attached” . He was been careful not to loose focus on the game that brought him there, not to hold back and not to hurt her based on what he already knew about her. He further explained “She had already told me her story, her background, and what guys did to her I didn’t just want to give her another reason to shade away”.

Further more, Ebuka asked if he felt he did enough to show that he was there. Emmanuel said he was “practically there for her in times she needed him”. Inquisitive Ebuka went further to ask if he would do more or he felt like he did as much as he could’ve done considering the circumstances. Emmanuel claimed that in that situation “I felt like what we had was mutual and was okay for both of us in that context in the house” According to him, he knew he wasn’t giving all but he didn’t want to “jump into situations and just push things too far”.

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