Jose Peseiro has been said to have banned the use of earrings and other materials in the Super Eagles camp. As a white man, you do expect him to be more inclined to this stuff. But he seems to be uninterested with that habit. That particular action is not coming from his ego, it shows his authoritativeness as a manager.

To manage a Super Eagles team full of stars, they need a commanding boss that has to control their mentality on the pitch. After going one-nil down in the first half, Peseiro didn’t stop yelling at them from the touch-line. It’s not to bully the players but to put them on a consistent reminder that they have to practice what has been done in training. Nigeria’s quick response to score the equalizer is a result of the managerial influence, he kept the team moving with confidence.

We saw how he yelled at Aina and Sadiq Umar yesterday. These are things that a manager has to do to guard it players. Basically, players can’t see themselves, it’s the people that are watching that can give them a better analysis of how they are playing. And this is why the manager is their sentinel on the pitch

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