The Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, a former Governor in Anambra State, in an interview with Brekete Family few hours ago, narrated why an 80yrs old woman asked him to stop coming to the church. He shared this story when he was narrating how God helped him as a Governor in Anambra State.

According to Mr. Peter Obi: “When I entered Office, I met a N32 billion debt. To solve this problem, I knew it has to be miraculous. So I started going to the church every morning to pray for God to intervene. And each time I am going to the church, I don’t usually go in with security because I believe in God’s power.

“So one day, an 80 years old woman (Mrs. Ndibe) walked to me and told me to leave the church. I was shocked when she even said I should stop praying to God because He will not answer me. If I want God to answer my prayers, I should pay them their pension money. I could feel her pains at that point.

“As God may have it, He did the miraculous for me because I left Office without any debt. We had 3 banks that we were operating with in my time. In Access Bank we had 50 million Dollars and N12 billion, we had 50 million Dollars and N12 billion in Diamond Bank and we had 56 million Dollars and N12 billion in Fidelity Bank. The records are there and I handed them over to the next governor”.

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