Recently, men on social media are drooling over a particular lady on TikTok called Bhadie Kelly. Bhadie Kelly is a TikTok star and she acquired fame for herself by posting her short dance videos on the social media application called TikTok.

Bhadie Kelly trended more when some ladies came out to express their displeasure on how she’s been over “overhyped” by men on social media because there are other ladies that can dance and have better body structure than her.

This comment on Kelly by some ladies also made men reply and claim that those ladies are only jealous and hating on Kelly.

Since Bhadie Kelly became the main topic on social media and her dance video are going viral, especially on Twitter, her TikTok followers have increased massively. She currently have amassed over 800 thousand followers on TikTok.

Share your opinion, do you think Bhadie Kelly is worth the hype?

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