Ex-Housemates continue to make stunning disclosures, making the Big Brother Naija Reunion Show more fascinating by the day.

The Liquorose-Emmanuel relationship was one of the main talking topics during the Reunion Show on Wednesday night.

Liquorose disclosed the key reason for her choice to cut ties with his estranged partner, Emmanuel, near the end of the Reunion Show on Wednesday night.

Liquorose made it plain that he found Emmanuel with a girl in Dubai while they were still in a romantic affair. Liquorose said, “We were dating, but I walked into you and a girl in Dubai”.

You may recall that Liquorose and Emmanuel had unfollowed each other on all social media sites a few weeks before the start of the Reunion Show. We all sensed that their relationship was strained, but no one knew what had actually occurred between them.

Liquorose’s statement has stirred a lot of debate on social media. It’s still unclear whether the “female” in question is an ex-Housemate or not.

Whatever the case may be, I do not believe Emmanuel should be blamed for cheating on Liquorose.

In the House, the Nigerian model displayed a series of signs indicating that he did not want to be romantically involved with Liquorose.

Liquorose definitely desired to be romantically involved with Emmanuel, but the latter’s sentiments for the former are not the same.

I guess Emmanuel shouldn’t be blamed for cheating on Liquorose because he didn’t show a real sense of commitment during their time together.

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