Last night, the third edition of the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Reunion Show aired, and it shows a heated altercation between Boma and two female housemates, Queen and Beatrice. The initial squabble between Boma and Queen centers on the allegation that Boma said Tega’s private portion smells like fish fins while in the house.

You may recall that Boma allegedly told Pere that he peered into Tega’s private part with his finger and that her private part smelled like fish fins. However, on Friday night’s reunion broadcast, Boma attempted to clear his name by claiming that he never said anything like that to Pere.

During the reunion last night, Tega remarked, “Why did you tell me in the garden that Tega’s private area smelled like a fish fin, Pere asked (during a question game)?” That’s what he stated before passing and asking, “Why did you tell me you fing3red Tega?” in the next round. ”

Boma said that the question game was moving clockwise and that he couldn’t have said anything to Pere because he wasn’t sitting next to him. He stated,”So, how did I tell Pere when the question was heading in this direction? It’s travelling in the opposite direction and can’t turn around “..

“Are you saying you didn’t tell Pere any of these two things?” Ebuka asked Boma to clarify. Boma responded by saying: “There was never a conversation.” It was a game of guessing, so where did I get my name from when I said it? ”

According to Boma’s explanation during the reunion event, the statement came from Boma explained how the phrase came about while in the Big Brother house, when one of the housemates, Cross, initiated a game called “question games,” in which the housemates got to ask the person seated next to them a question.

He explained that the goal of the game was to ask random questions or say anything that would throw the next person off, causing them to get carried away and be forced to drink.

Why did you tell me Tega’s private part smells like fish fins? Pere asked during the game. Pere’s query, according to Boma, was not genuine; he just asked it to perplex the guy seated next to him.

Queen, on the other hand, took the question personally and approached Tega about it, asking why

she wasn’t moved by the topic, despite the fact that she was married.

When Boma got out of the house, he knew that what Pere had said inadvertently during the game had turned into an entire story against him. People skewed the story to smear his reputation, he claimed, and accused him of making the statement when there was no evidence he did.

During an Instagram question and answer session with her admirers, Tega disproved the idea that Boma had a smelly private region. She claimed that Boma had never stated anything like that before.

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