Sunday was a very bad day for the good people of Owo kingdom. The killing of innocent members of St. Francis Catholic Church in Ondo State left goose pimples on the body of Nigerians. Majority of Nigerians shouldered at the evil act perpetrated by the so called unknown gunmen.

The people of Ondo State, particular Owo town are still mourning the death of their brothers, sisters, children, parents and friends who were massacred in the church on Sunday.

However, a group of grieving women who could not rely on the Government alone, have decided to go an extra mile to ensure that the killers of the victims do not go unpunished.

The group of women who’s number could not be ascertained went to Owo town to lay curses on the perpetrators of the unjustifiable act, and to invoke the ancestral spirits of the land to rise and fight against the killers and avenge the death of the victims.

According to BBC News Pidgin and Sahara Reporters, the women gathered themselves in the middle of Owo town and formed a circle around some objects which they used to seek for the face of the gods of the land to bring justice to the victims.

According to Sahara Reporters, the objects include cutlasses, leaves and some herbal concoctions.

At some point during the ritual, they pulled off their footwear.

One of the women said that their ancestors will answer their prayers and the perpetrators of the condemnable act will forever regret ever visiting Owo.

More pictures from the scene.

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