Yatin Kukreja shares his insights on being a Music Producer


New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI/ThePRTree): The owner of the AYT Production Banner, Yatin Kukreja has manifested a few music videos with top-rated singers like Yasir Desai and actors that include Ronny Singh and Rumman Ahmed. He is an ace music video producer in the entertainment segment. The music video producer recently came out with a hit song ‘Maangle Mujhe Tu’ which was very well perceived among the masses.

Known to bring out the best of songs and music in the industry, Yatin is very specific with the star cast, good singers, and the best locations to shoot. With these features, he has developed his own brand in the entertainment and musical domain. He believes in making his songs blissful. If one goes through his songs during the current situation of the pandemic, it certainly will be an exhilarating experience. His music videos are a treat to both eyes and ears.

He says, “the most important part about a music video, apart from the song and the lyrics obviously, is the location. A strong song needs an equally strong representation which only an accurate location can provide. Being a producer I cannot compromise on that and hence, I take all the time needed to decide it with precision.”One can make out from his songs that he uses foreign locations in Dubai as he feels it adds more value to the musical content or song. With his production house in full swing, he has given many songs. One of his earlier songs include Gorra Rang, which had the singer Kadir Thind with stars like Kriti Verma. Yatin Kukreja is an institution in himself and he comes out with something worthy in music and song. His skill set is for certain going to help him make it big in the music industry.

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