PLUS Perth charity gets thumbs up on city mental health work from several financial backers


Mental health charity and social project PLUS Perth has received support from several sources in an unexpected ‘thumbs up’ for the work it does around the Fair City like its newsletter, ‘Emotional CPR’ training and gardening initiatives.

PLUS Perth got five major financial gifts in the last fortnight, adding around £14,000 to its coffers.

The Souter Charitable Trust sent PLUS Perth £5000, the Tay Charitable Trust gave £2000, the Guildry Incorporation of Perth donated £2964, the Hugh Fraser Foundation sent in another £2000 and £2500 was recently donated by Perth-based Whisky Auctioneer Ltd.

Susan Scott of PLUS Perth was delighted by the generosity.

She told the PA: “This past fortnight has been fantastic in that we have received philanthropic money from a number of good-hearted local charities.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everybody in the city, particularly those who have not had space to get outside.

“PLUS Perth is a small organisation so it was amazing to get support, a kind of ‘thumbs up’ for what we do.

“It makes us feel valued, feel that people are behind us.

Development manager Susan says there are plans to get members working outside in the fresh air more
Development manager Susan says there are plans to get members working outside in the fresh air more

“These donations make an enormous difference to us, it means we can do more.

“We are glad to allocate money to exactly where we are told by our users and where it would be useful for them.

“PLUS Perth has been bringing ‘Emotional CPR’ to Perth for the last seven years. We offer training for people who are experiencing emotional distress and we teach others how to best ‘be’ with them.

“A great help during lockdown has been news sheets we have published and sent to our members. They are a big help and getting more money in assists us in continuing to reach out to people so they don’t feel alone.”

Susan reported that she’d had good feedback from her organisation: “Our chairman and board praised the great work my team had done in what is an extremely difficult time.”

She said there was therapeutic and purposeful work going on at Horner’s Plot, the urban garden near Tesco Metro.

And she revealed that PLUS Perth has plans developing to bring gardening opportunities to its members over at the Moncreiffe Island allotments.

Susan explained: “We’re on a waiting list. We are looking to get a plot over there, so watch this space.”


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