Generating Traffic and Clients by Creating Original Content For Your Blog


There is a bit of a misnomer that original content is somehow more valuable than copying and pasting content from other sources. For one thing, this is not the only method of increasing traffic to a website. Writing a blog post or even a sales copy is not original, in fact it’s pretty far from it. Even if some readers are able to recognize your source (and they should if you’re giving them specific information), they’ve probably seen everything before. By providing fresh content, you’re able to maintain a conversation within your niche and keep readers coming back.

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Also, original content tends to get a lot of attention. If people read something worth thinking about, they’ll likely tell someone about it. There is a great chance that the person who told other people about the blog post or sales copy will link back to it, which means more exposure for you and an increase in web traffic for your content site.

So why would I recommend going to a blog rather than, say, a sales copy or sales page? One reason is that a blog post or even a small article is easier to digest than, say, a Harvard Business Review. That said, some business owners continue to use such materials. Others don’t have any use for them, either because they don’t find the information useful or because they simply don’t understand it. If you want people to see your blog posts or sales copy as important as you do, providing original content is a must.

Another reason for original content is that search engines tend to give a higher ranking to sites with original content. That’s true whether you’re talking about Google or any of the other major search engines. It isn’t just a matter of having great content – your site needs to be relevant to the topic. You need to provide accurate, clear information that’s engaging to your readers. If you can accomplish that, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy a lot of visitors to your site.

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Finally, I’d like to make a related point. People think that if they write a blog post or a press release that they’re doing the work themselves. They figure that they can throw something together in a couple of hours and call it their own. That’s not the case, though. You’re going to be selling yourself and your business at the same time. If you want to succeed, you need to engage your audience and you need to have great content.

If you’re just starting out, consider writing original content for your blog or posting press releases on sites that allow you to do so. If you’re an experienced writer, consider joining a freelance writer’s forum or site. There are many places that writers can go to ask for work. If you’re good at marketing yourself, you may already have some clients. By taking advantage of these resources, you’ll be able to establish some relationships with other writers and get your foot in the door that may be just what you’re looking for to get your first few client starts.

If you’ve been writing for a while but you don’t know where to start, consider taking a look at some of the great blog posts from authors such as Matt Cutts. These are very well written, high quality pieces that you can use to help you sell your own products or increase traffic to your own website. If you know how to write well, this may be just what you’re looking for to jumpstart your business. Even if you never sell anything off of Matt Cutts’ blog, his style of writing is extremely helpful to newcomers who want to make sure they get it right. He takes blogging and writing to a new level.

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Of course, if you have some great content to share but you’re struggling to get it found, don’t give up. Write more of what people are interested in. If you have a knack for advertising, you can create ads that will serve as supplements to your blog posts. This could be a great way to generate sales without having to resort to selling. Whatever method you choose, if you can find original content, you can use it to bring in readers and potential clients.


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