Entertainment industry has no effect on our marriage


Recently married celebrity couple, artiste and songwriter, Olorunsogo Michael Oni, popularly known by his Instagram name Musicbysire and his actress wife, Aisat Iyabode Asamu, a.k.a Aishy, are still basking in the euphoria of their new matrimony.

The musician recently went down memory lane to recall what transpired between the couple on their first encounter.

He said, “We met on a very sunny day on the set of a movie called ‘Get a Girlfriend’. I said hello to her a few times but she kept ignoring me. Then I approached her while recording was on and started a conversation about a movie she co-produced.

I got a little bit of attention and the chance to get her number. However, at the time, my intention was just to give her more information on movie productions. And here we are today.”

According to Musicbysire, they did not get married on the spur of the moment but waited until they had a strong conviction that they are made for each other.

“She had her conviction first. But when I did, I was ready to go against the world and stop at nothing until she becomes my wife and this happened at the point where I had no hope of moving forward with her,” he recounted, adding, “On that very day, I realised that she was not just a girlfriend but my angel and my soulmate.”

Aishy and Musicbysire did not head straight to the altar, he stressed, affirming, “Our courtship lasted for one year before I put a ring on it.”

Michael does not believe in the popular notion that marriage often poses a challenge to couples in the entertainment industry.

“The entertainment industry has absolutely nothing to do with our marriage―that is business-work,” he stated. “We have made a conscious decision to not live our life based on what we do for a living.”

Both husband and wife are active in the business end of the entertainment industry as CEO of Qilavisuals and Aishy Productions respectively.

To their fans, Musicbysire assured, “You can all look forward to seeing things you’ve never seen before. Quilavisuals and Aishy Productions will be bringing creativity on a whole different level to your screen.”


Entertainment industry has no effect on our marriage – Celebrity couple, Aishy and Musicbysire

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