Chinese film “Sister” continues to lead China’s box office


BEIJING, April 9 (Xinhua) — Domestic feature film “Sister” continued to lead Chinese mainland box office, with daily revenue of 21.43 million yuan (around 3.28 million dollars) on Thursday, data from the China Movie Data Information Network showed on Friday.

The top-grossing film depicts the story of a girl who faces the dilemma of choosing between pursuing her own dream and raising her younger brother after they lost their parents.

Since its debut on April 2, the film has led Chinese mainland box office chart for seven consecutive days.

U.S. film “Godzilla vs Kong”, the latest installment in the cinematic MonsterVerse, came second with daily sales of 11.42 million yuan on Thursday.

Chinese crime film “Warrior of China” and comedy-drama “The Eleventh Chapter” ranked third and fourth respectively on the daily chart. The former raked in about 2.38 million yuan while the latter grossed approximately 2.26 million yuan.

Following behind was animation film “Monkey King Reborn”, whose daily earnings reached around 1.46 million yuan Thursday.


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