Black Bar to Apps – Search Engine Showdown


screenshotNow that I am no longer seeing the lost preview Google user interface (UI) experiment in Firefox (and I saw that for several weeks), I am now seeing a different on in Chrome. This is another experiment that removes the black bar from the top, but unlike the one spotted in March that gave no other options for getting to Gmail and other Google  services, the one I’m seeing adds several links to the top right: G+, Gmail, and “Apps” along with an Apps logo. Click the logo or link to see a list of some of the most popular Google services (the visible ones in the black bar).

The Google databases and services under the “More” link in the current black bar are not available separately, and instead of just available under the “Even more” link. After running a search, only the Apps logo still shows up at the top right, and clicking on it brings up the same options. However, clicking any of those options does not pass along the search but just goes to the home page for the service. The one exception is the Images links which at least pastes the query into the search box.

I first saw this yesterday when signed out in Chrome. Signing in to a Google account does not make much difference beyond showing my G+ head shot instead of the Sign in button. I can’t say that I care much for this experiment since it makes it still makes it more difficult to switch to other services, especially other Google databases, unless they happen to show up in the search results. Google Scholar is still nowhere to be seen, but it does potentially show a continued effort to find a more touch-friendly interface even for computer users.

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